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Hiking Mount Pico


Do not miss out this adventure! Book your place here.

Get in touch with our team and book the next available date to hike Mount Pico.

Monday to Friday: 09H00 to 19H00

Saturday: 09H00 to 13H00


Certified Mountain Guide / Driver

A LAVAsteps Island Discovery has the best certified mountain guides in the island! We are 100% committed to serving you, ensuring your safety and that you have a great time in Mount Pico.

Monday to Friday: 08H00 to 19H00

Saturday to Sunday: das 09h00 às 19H00



Hiking Mount Pico with us includes an insurance, guaranteeing your safety.

Sightseeing and hiking tours


We confess… we love being near nature and are constantly seeking new experiences. Unsurprisingly, trekking is one of our favourite activities!

In this section, we will share some of our sightseeing and hiking tours. If you would like to connect with nature and discover magical places, join us on our outdoor adventures! Join LAVAsteps Island Discovery.



Welcome aboard! If you are not already, you will quickly fall in love with kayaking in Pico Island.

LAVAsteps Island Discovery will take you kayaking in the best spots in Pico Island where you will enjoy amazing scenery and biodiversity. We will take you to never before explored areas, including caves!

Get in touch and embark on this adventure with us!



Cycling is one of the most enjoyable sports across the world. Whether you practice it for leisure or competition, here at LAVAsteps we take it to another level!

We will take you to explore the island and take you to unforgettable places: volcanos, lagoons, vineyards, mountains, sea… we cover all your interests. And not only that, you will also be immersed in the beauty and history of our people and our land.  


Recreational fishing


Recreational fishing is a sport with a lot of importance in the Azores. There are various areas destined for recreational fishing in Pico and this is a practice that, to this day, feeds many families in the island.  

The Azores is gifted with various species of fish that inhabit our waters. At LAVAsteps Island Discovery, we are specialized in recreational fishing and will teach you some secrets to this practice, including the best baits to use to catch different fish!

Whether you are curious about it or an expert, join us and we will take you on an amazing experience!



Do you want to feel the adrenaline?! Then, windsurfing is for you!

Windsurfing is an aquatic sport that combines sailing and surfing. It is a well-known professional sport; however, you can also enjoy it in a recreational capacity!

When well mastered, this sport can take you to up to 80 km per hour in just a small board!

Do you want to learn this sport? Or are you an expert? At LAVAsteps Island Discovery you will have access to the best professionals. We will take you to the best places in the island to practice this sport and teach you everything you need to know!